Crypto wedding between IOTA and Curv

Ring the bells: crypto wedding between IOTA and CURV

Berlin-based crypto company IOTA and digital custody provider Curv are entering into a partnership.

Berlin-based crypto company IOTA is entering into a new partnership. This is according to a company announcement on 18 February. The new partner in question is „Curv“. This is a BinBot provider that protects digital assets of institutional hodlers with its cloud wallet. Through the cooperation with Curv, every application that uses Curv’s institutional custody network should be able to support the in-house IOTA token (MIOTA). This includes exchanges, but also decentralised financial products (DeFi) such as Celsius, Stakehound, Staked.Us and Genesis Trading.

The Berlin-based company expressed its excitement about the new cooperation. In its blog, IOTA wrote:

We are very excited about the integration of IOTA into Curv and look forward to seeing how the IOTA token is incorporated into a whole new ecosystem of financial services, exchanges and dApps.

IOTA Foundation in its own company blog

The partnership with Curv is important for the Berlin-based crypto company for two reasons, he said. For one, it said, the Curve wallet offers better options for MIOTA major investors that its own native wallets cannot support, such as regulatory, compliance or legal requirements. Second, he said, there are many products and services that require the use of a custody solution to support a digital asset. Until now, MIOTA could not have been added to a number of partner platforms because a custody solution supporting IOTA would have been required each time.

However, it’s not the only crypto wedding the Berlin-based start-up is dancing at. Recently, IOTA announced a partnership with tech giants Dell and Intel. The joint project „Alvarium“ is intended to measure the trustworthiness of data in order to ensure error-free communication of smart contracts.